World’s first
5D colouring book.

Happy Mongo has developed technology that brings the coloring book characters to life. Happy Mongo Doodles allows kids and users to watch their colored pages and their characters stand and wobble on the page. You can see an example in the video below.

Bring Coloring Book to Life

You can see an example in the video above: the elephant’s animating just as they’re being filled on the page itself.

Augmented reality has changed the way kids think. Augmented Reality has been used to bridge the gap between normal coloring books/pages and animated characters, most notably through HAPPY MONGO doodles. To see the best results you have to finish your drawing before generating your 3D character using the companion app.

If Happy mongo technology can make its way to the consumer market and kids around the world, it’ll create another step forward for coloring book technology. Of course, it’s a new addition to your kid’s stay at home learning kit. Its never too early, nor too late to start this up with your children — this kind of bringing art to life is still in its infancy, and it could be a while before you’re shopping for coloring books that have this capability.

Colouring Book lets the children run wild with their imagination. Using different colors and paint the pictures with expressive vibrance. It provides them with a platform to let their creative faculties flow in full swing. Happy Mongo doodles enable them to set their fancy-free and in addition to that its bringing their art to life.

To use Happy Mongo Doodles, Kids (or other curious adults) buy this amazing coloring book available in different volumes and levels. There is a free app to download in parents’ android or apple device. Kids then color in the pages. 

Then they hold up their coloring pages to the app installed with doodles.  The software scans the coloring through the camera. Soon, a 3D image of the drawing shows up in front of the kid. Most features in the picture look like flat paper pop-ups. 3D birds that are animated to stretch and nose around the leaves in the scene. Users can move the drawing or the camera around to view the 3D scene from different angles. 

This is one of the coloring concept and one of its kind for nurturing creative minds. Happy Mongo Doodles is a perfect combo of a coloring book and a free to download app, which brings art to life and gives you a magical experience. This app entices little ones and even the curious adults into the world of colors, as they watch their colored pages come alive in front of them in the form of 3D animations

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