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Getting Pregnant

Getting Pregnant

This is new for you. It’s never too early to start preparing for both birth and motherhood. Read More, learn more as much as you can now, it will help you feel more confident in making decisions. You should be selecting your hospital, healthy eating and exercising, what is best for you and your baby, and finding a childbirth education class.

Positive Habits

Getting Pregnant is a beautiful and excellent time to prioritize taking the best care of yourself. It is really important to imbibe positive habits to ensure the best health for you and your developing baby. Becoming a mother takes your attention towards positive habits like healthy eating, plenty of water and fluids intake, yoga classes or exercise regularly, and don’t forget to get plenty of rest—you’re now sustaining a new life and preparing for the big day of childbirth. It would be too early but you should also prepare yourself mentally for labor and new life of motherhood. Read or watch things that make you feel positive and energetic about your upcoming birth, for example, dance videos, childbirth education, birth documentaries such as The Business of Being Born, YouTube clips, and stories from family/friends. Most importantly, enjoy quality time with your family. This is your time. Get pampered by your partner and family. Now is the time to strengthen relationships with your partner, children, and other close relationships in your life.

Childbirth Education

For the first time parents, Childbirth education classes (online or offline) are a great idea. A helpful refresher even for those who have already experienced childbirth and parenting. By attending these classes you inculcate skills to facilitate a healthy, happy pregnancy and birth and a positive and bond of love and care amongst partners. Most hospitals offer classes for expectant parents, but they often cover only information about hospital procedures and what to expect. You may want to explore additional options to ensure you get the full range of information you need to make informed decisions throughout pregnancy and birth.

A good class should give you an overview of your options and be realistic about the kind of experience you may have. It should review the stages of labor and teach you pain management skills and breathing techniques. And it should include every possible scenario, “not just what the hospital is offering.” Most of all, the class should mirror your own philosophies and desires.

Your midwife can also give recommendations for breastfeeding and parenting classes in your area to help get you off to a strong start as a new mom.

Writing Your Birth Plan

There will be a lot of your loved ones to give you advice, suggestions, and recommendations about the new welcome. But a birth plan may be a written statement of your desires and what’s important to you once you are pregnant and ready to learn new things. A birth plan describes the experience you hope to possess, and therefore the ways you would like support or help from those that are caring for you. It can include an outline of your ideal labor and birth, also as things such as:

  • It can be totally your choice of labor room companions, including the participation of family and siblings
  • Pain management preferences
  • Medical procedures
  • Care immediately about your birth
  • Newborn care and procedures
  • Infant feeding preference and process
  • Preferences just in case of a non-emergency cesarean birth
  • Religious, cultural, or other beliefs
  • Your choice of contraception for after the birth

A birth plan will assist you to study your choices, and it helps you share your goals for your labor and birth with those that are caring for you during labor. once you work on a birth plan together with your provider, you share thoughts and concepts, which can help develop trust.

Avoiding Cesarean Birth

A cesarean birth may be a surgery done to deliver your baby by an incision in your uterus through your abdomen. Cesarean birth carries tons of additional risks for the mother and baby, and for a woman’s future pregnancies. childbirth is far and away from the safest for many women and their babies.

You are much more likely to possess health problems after a cesarean than after childbirth. These include severe bleeding, infection, more pain, more difficulty establishing breastfeeding, a good range of complications from the surgery, and extended recovery time. Having a cesarean also can cause you to possess health problems later.

For these reasons, a cesarean should be done as long as it’s needed to guard your health or your baby’s health.

For all these reasons, a cesarean should be done only if it is needed to protect your health or your baby’s health. View tips for avoiding a cesarean birth here.

Waiting for Baby’s Arrival

One of the toughest realities to simply accept during pregnancy is that your baby is extremely unlikely to change state on your “due date.” actually, only about 5% of babies arrive on their mother’s estimated maturity, and it’s quite common for babies to arrive after the maturity. Not knowing exactly when your baby is going to be born can make planning for important things like work, social events, and out-of-town visitors difficult. But the inconvenience of not knowing is well worthwhile for the health of you and your baby.

While being finished with pregnancy could seem tempting during that previous couple of weeks, artificially starting labor for nonmedical reasons is linked to increased risks including premature, cesarean surgery and infection.

Easing the Transition to Motherhood

The first month’s reception after your baby is born are often a quiet, gentle time of going to know this new one that has come to measure in your home. except for most girls, it’s not all quiet or sweet. And for a few women, it’s a really hard time. Tips for alleviating the transition include:

  • Get someone (partner, parent, friend) to require care of you and your other children for a minimum of 2 weeks after the birth. you’ll got to have backup plans for care just in case your baby arrives earlier or later than expected.
  • Consider cooking meals ahead of time and freezing them for later use.
  • Familiarize yourself with breastfeeding resources in advance.
  • talk to your friends, family, or a service to take care of your pets.
  • Ask your doctor for advice on parenting and transitioning your other children to a household with a new baby.
  • Decide whether or not you will return to work and arrange for infant feeding needs and childcare. Sometimes returning to work can be the hardest time for both moms and partners. It helps to discuss with your partner in advance how to handle childcare and household roles and responsibilities.
  • Getting rest can be difficult. If at all possible, sleep when your baby sleeps.

10 Tips to Improve Concentration and Focus In Your Child

10 Tips to Improve Concentration and Focus In Your Child

Children in every family are very precious. Education is an integral part of their growing process. It is often proved that children with utmost focus and concentration succeed well at their academic front at the same time improving their intellects at the good extent too.

At this outset, we bring you 10 valuable tips to enhance your child’s concentration and focus.

1. Diet:

When we mention a child’s growth, whether it’s physical or mental it’s directly connected with their diet. Here, it’s imperative to understand that nutrition is the primary key in improving the child’s concentration levels. Children eat better can focus well on their daily activities. Your child’s Cognitive Functions are ruled through micronutrients like copper, zinc, iron, selenium, and Vitamins A, C, D, and E. Ensure that your child’s diet is rich with certain nutrients those can impart good concentration and focus. Children with great levels of concentration and focus will excel well in every activity that included studies too. Read this for more detail 

2. Routine:

The Growing process of the youngsters is extremely sensitive to be given utmost priority. It’s certainly parents’ responsibility to nurture and form their growing not only healthy and fit, but also of excellent during a way, they’re going to be exposed to certain good patterns. Setting a routine with correct discipline is the greatest help. Parents should ensure setting the simplest routine into their daily activities, which may help them well to focus on the right manner. A best-set routine can help tons for the child’s overall development yet being the simplest source to reinforce their performance besides too. a number of such routines are like setting particular timings for doing homework, playing, eating, sleeping, and a few more. this type of well-set routine will make them always well prepared during facing the targets with determined focus.

3. Non-Academic Approach:

Academic and non-academic approaches should be made as a neighborhood of daily routine for kids.

Add some puzzles, impromptu questions which can be related to academic or non academic, quizzes, and a few more for non-academic approach.

These activities will teach well to the kid more about focus automatically. Importantly, these activities will improve exceptional problem-solving skills to the kid. Academic tasks often make the kid monotonous and exhaustive. They don’t enjoy them at a stretch. Once you add exposure to the motioned non-academic practices, they’re going to help the kid improve well on concentration, which down the road may result during a great help at the tutorial front.

4. Small Tasks:

Big tasks aren’t an excellent interest for your kids. They have a tendency to be bored while exposed to big tasks. This type of situation will affect drastically on the child’s focus levels. it’s always knowing to break any of the large tasks into multiple small tasks with a deadline. This may motivate them to unravel those tasks with determined focus and concentration. This is often the simplest thanks to improving your child’s concentration and focus too.

5. Mitigate Distractions:

It’s quite common for children to get distracted very quickly and easily. If you would like your child to enhance focus and concentration then it’s imperative to scale back or eradicate their distractions with the simplest possible ways.

The atmosphere

is another important cause here to distract children. Avoid loud sounds, TV, music and such from the atmosphere while your child is that specialize in something. Always observe what all causing distraction is and eliminate them the maximum amount as possible from the atmosphere.

6. Rest:



In between sleep time

Your child must have ample rest a day. Make it sure that your child has ample night sleep and add some additional rest or quick naps within the day time too. This might cause convenient activity for children aside from the availing ample rest, which may help them to focus and concentrate well on their work. This way kids will feel fresher to start up next.

7. Time Gaps:

It’s imperative to permit a while gap between tasks for the kid. For instance , doing homework continuously can make them lose their focus and concentration. allow them to complete their homework volume in bits and pieces ensuring time gap between one after one. You can add a snack time or small puzzle time to fill these gaps. This type of working ensure focus yet improving it within the right way too.

8. Appreciation:

I know you want to appreciate your child in every activity. Children take this type of praising the greatest motivation. A well-motivated child often tends to focus and consider the tasks given to realize the praising again. You ought to continue this well in your child with appropriate praising as inappropriate appreciation can lead into the incorrect direction too. Praising is to improve the child’s focus and concentration, but try to control and maintain a balanced way without fail. Know when to praise, how to praise, and how much to praise.

9. Activity Changes:



Inform Beforehand the changes

This is quite common to various activities within the child’s daily routine. But caution is extremely essential here. Children are just growing and that they find it difficult to simply accept changes. Sometimes, these changes can affect drastically the child’s focus and concentration. it’s imperative to feature activity changes by duly informing beforehand. you ought to make them well prepared for the change during away their focus and concentration won’t be affected.

10. Stories:



Reading Time

Storytelling or reading out stories to the kids showing an excellent positive impact since ages. Observe the use of this reading out stories during away child’s focus and concentration are often improved. Listening and comprehension skills will improve to an honest extent while reading out stories. This is often mainly thanks to the type of focus and concentration paid by the kid to the activity. So, reading out stories may be a proven practice to enhance your child’s concentration and focus.

5 Best Parenting Tips

5 Best Parenting Tips

When you’re dealing with young children, there is one thing that tested almost every day – your patience. To save yourself from losing it as well as your energy, try to look at each difficult situation with fresh eyes. Learn when to walk away and always choose your battles with your kids.

Follow these 5 Best Parenting Tips – They might just help save the day!

Mind your response

Keep in mind that you should only control what you can – and that is how you respond to any situation. When your little one does something not ideal, don’t let emotions get in the way. This will only result in overly-harsh punishments that will be hard on you both.
It’s not about how much your punishment inconveniences your child, it’s about consistency. Don’t worry about being predictable, consistent punishments work even if your child doesn’t act as it affects him. Focus on your response, not theirs.

Know when to walk away

When your little one breaks a rule, give the punishment and simply walk away. Don’t let an argument start because that’s when the power struggle that takes all your energy and patience away begins.
The less you react, the more it will show your child that you no longer tolerate arguing and backtalk. When you walk away from a power struggle, you take away their power.


When you’re starting to feel angry and frustrated, take a deep breath and walk it off. Take some time to let the frustration die down and allow your child to do the same. When both of your heads are cool, this allows for a calmer conversation that’s more effective and productive.

Tackle one issue at a time

You’re mad about chores, school, and your child’s general behaviour. But if you’re going to scold them, don’t mention everything all at once. This will only overwhelm the both of you and won’t lead to positive behavioral changes in your child.
Instead, tackle one issue at a time and try to discuss it as calmly as possible. Don’t forget to listen to what your child has to say!

Be a role model

Did you know that kids watch what we do more than they listen to what we say? Exhibit good behavior that you want to see in your kids, especially when it comes to values.

Parenting is hard but oh-so-worth-it. Practice these best parenting tips that just might help save your day!

Books I recommend

Infertility: Causes and Treatment

Infertility: Causes and Treatment


There are at least 2 million cases of female infertility documented in the United States of America each and every year. For most of these women, the cause of their infertility is never conclusively diagnosed, and modern medicine is yet to provide comprehensive female infertility treatment. Various known and unknown factors contribute to female infertility. If you have been diagnosed with infertility, you are probably desperate to understand more about female infertility and find out what alternative cures and female infertility treatments are available.

What is Female Infertility?

A woman is considered to be medically infertile if she has been having sex, without any form of contraceptive, for 12 months and has been unable to become pregnant. Fertility is described in a medical sense as being either:

First Degree Infertility – women that have never had children

Second Degree Infertility – women that have had children, but are unable to conceive a second time
It is vitally important to make the distinction between infertility and sterility. Sterility is the term used to describe women that are completely unable to conceive their own children. Female infertility describes the difficulty that women experience in trying to conceive. Being infertile does not mean that you will never be able to have children. Exploring various female infertility treatment options will improve your chance of conception, and carrying a full term, healthy baby.

What causes female infertility?

There are several known causes of female infertility, some of these include:

  • Ovulation disorders
  • Damage to the reproductive organs
  • Hormonal imbalances
  • Chronic Miscarriage
  • Nutritional deficiencies
  • Psychological and emotional factors

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